Indian Recruitment

India is one of the largest workforce talent pools across the Globe and considering extensive employment opportunities available in India, we have variegated into Domestic Placement Services also.

On the Domestic front too we maintain the highest Professional Business Standards and our commitment to "Business Ethics is Foremost". We offer our services to Clients as well as Job seekers across the country. We are committed to hiring for you the most qualified, skilled and cost effective employees.

Our Domestic Recruitment Services
Sourcing : We have an excellent network across India and a ever growing Data Base of more than 3,00,000 potential candidates across different Industry Verticals

Screening-Selection-Shortlisting : We carry out the screening tests of the potential candidates in a highly professional manner. We are further reinforced by industry specialists and HR professionals, to conduct the selections, choosing the right candidates for your vacancies and saving valuable time at your end.

Interviews: Once the candidates have been short listed at our end and are ready to face the interview, we schedule the same with you, as per mutual convenience of both the parties. All the arrangements pertaining to ticketing, traveling and accommodation are also taken care of by us (under approval by you). This ensures that the candidate reaches the place, anywhere in the country, well in time.

Our Promises and Guidelines:

  • We guarantee free replacement of any candidate, if he quits the job within 3 months from date of joining.
  • Our service charge is 8.33% (Junior levels 0-3 Years), 10% (Middle levels 4-7 Years) and 12.5% (Senior Levels 8 Years and more), of Annual Gross Salary + GST(for all levels), payable within 15 days from the date of joining.

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