Introduce your Friends and get Paid

Who says it is not paying to have friends / colleagues / associates? Read further to see how -

Send us your Expression of Interest for Introducing / Referring your Friends / Colleagues/ Associates. We shall send you our Terms and Condition for the same for your perusal & acceptance. Once we receive the same duly accepted, we shall start sending to you our open & on-going Job Positions / Vacancies regularly.

If you have any friend / colleague / associate who meets any specific Job Position, send us the Candidate’s Updated Resume with photo or else send the Job Position to the Candidate asking him to apply to us for the same & giving your reference.

Once your Candidate is selected, your fee is sent directly to your Bank Account / Paid by Cheque. Thus you do a Good Turn in helping your Friends, Helping us and in turn Helping yourself Financially.

Write to us at / call us at +91 11 45066205 to know more.